Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow – Roxy Quiksilver

Tips to Get Over a Fight with Best Friend

This is one of the most relevant best friend quotes ever. It is so poignant and meaningful.We all know how important friends are in our life. And amongst that big circle of friends, a best friend is like a breath of fresh air in this immensely toxic and manipulative world. A best friend talks sense to us, guides us through our lows, laughs with us through all the highs and is a constant source of motivation, love,and hugs.

5 Tips to Get Over a Fight with Best Friend | How to get Through a fight with BFF

But we have all been through situations when we disagree with our best friend on certain matters.At times, even before we know, a small disagreement may blow out of proportion and lead to a full-blown fight. It may be your fault, or hers. But the question is, how to fix it? We certainly do not want to be fighting with that one person who has seen it all.No disagreement or fight is worth losing our best friend over.

If you are in such a situation, read on for five tips on how to get over a fight with best friend:

  • Own up to your Mistake–If you have made a mistake and had a fight with best friend, it is completely all right. After all,we are human beings. We are bound to make mistakes now and then. What is not right, however, is not owning up to it. This is the first step in mending a broken relationship. We, women, love honesty, and it would do your friendship immense good if you just own up to your mistake honestly.
  • No Blame Game – Refrain from any sort of a blame game in case of a fight with best friend. Even if you apologize, we do understand that you might want an explanation from your best friend on certain matters. Approach the whole situation patiently and positively. Put across your perspective and then gently ask her what her thoughts are. Chances are, if the two of you are thick friends, she will understand her fault as well and then own up to it.
  • Apologize, albeit Genuinely – False apologies are the worst if you want to get over a fight with best friend. They don’t help at all, especially in the case of a fight with BFF. We have been taught since kindergarten that apologizing fixes almost everything. It definitely looks like our teachers were right. A genuine apology can make a whole lot of a difference. However, do not just use the empty words of ‘hey, I am sorry’. These words do not have any significanceuntil the time you mean them from the bottom of your heart. We, women, are very intuitive, and can easily figure out if an apology is being faked just for the sake of it.
  • Peace Offering – A little peace offering goes a long way. It will not cost you a fortune to bring a smile on your bestie’s face. Remember she is the one who has been with you through thick and thin. Chances are that you have babbled all of your secrets to her. It is worth keeping such a best friend close, no matter what. Money does not matter much when you are making things up and want to get over a fight with best friend. Consider the following options:

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Her Favourite Food – We, women, love gorging on food. Since you know your bestie quite well, this should be a cake walk. Get her favourite dessert or a snack, visit her place and talk the whole thing out.

  • Do Not Pay Heed to Outside Influences – It may be quite tempting to vent out your feelings about your best friend to your other friends, partner or your parents. Do not give in to this temptation. It might feel good only at that moment, but it will definitely make things uncomfortable later. If she gets to hear that you spoke against her to somebody else, it will hurt her all the more.

Whatever happens, just understand the fact that nothing is worth losing your best friend. Things may seem unpleasant in the heat of the moment. If you do not repair them, you are definitely going to regret them later. So do not hesitate to take the first step in mending things with your bestie.