About Finura

A passion for art and love for Jewellery led Richa Maheshwari to launch Finura in 2013.
Finura – a word that means grace and elegance – is an innate feature of our Jewellery A combination of unique elements, class and style gives our products an edge and quirkiness. Handcrafted by gifted artisans, Finura is always pushing the envelope with quality and design standards, trying to touch every soul with its wearable art. We want to be a trend-setter, making people feel confident in the Jewellery they wear and believe in creating a statement with our stunning range of products.

In a span of 5 years, Finura has done numerous exhibits, shows, and has maintained supplies through various websites and stores. We continue to thrive on our love for fashion through Finura.

 About The Founder

Finura is the brainchild of designer Richa Maheshwari, who has loved fashion Jewellery from an early age and ever since had the desire to make her creativity come to life in the form of art pieces. While pursuing her post graduation in Singapore she was well-determined to put her passion for art in her inventive pieces. Being rooted in the culture of Rajasthan and its heritage, she has always carried a rich cultural sensibility and derives inspiration from everyday life, constantly experimenting with different fashion moods and styles. Finura, by far, is a combination of modern style with a touch of the much-cherished heritage.

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