“Mondays are literally the potholes in the road of life.”

The start of our workweek triggers an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. We lack motivation & passion; we behave little sluggish. So, if you’re nodding affirmatively, maybe you’re suffering from #MondayBlues.

But that doesn’t mean you just have to let the day pass. Wondering what could be the secret to beat blue day? Well, wearing the right kinda jewelry can certainly become your mantra to remain confident and motivated on a well bloomed Monday.

So, the only blue thing you need to turn your Monday Blues into Monday Wohoos, is a jewelry.

Make Your Day Light As Leaf

These gorgeous Gold Polished Leaf with Sea Blue stone earrings are as light & dainty as they look. Remember to wear either a necklace or pair of earrings, instead of both, as you don’t want to look very showy or flashy for your workplace. You can style this minimal pair of earrings not only with your work outfit, but they are also perfect for an office party look.

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Make Simple Yet Chic Style Statement

You keep staring at your keyboard all day long, so you should make an appropriate choice that lets you adore the classic piece of office wear jewelry on your finger & make you forget your workload. Keep your look elegant and sleek by adorning a pair of minimalistic Chinese Stone Ring. Check out more designs and colors right here!

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Jewelry With A Meaning

You know what is the most visible signs of a jealous colleague? They always have compliments for you, be it your dressing sense or your choice of handbag. They’ll be the first one to observe you & the first one to have bad feelings for you. So, it might sound silly to you, but it’s believed that wearing an evil eye jewelry will repel envious people around you and protect you from negative aura and bad luck.

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Jazz Up Your Monochrome Outfits

Every woman knows the importance of earrings. But when it comes to Office dressing, some ladies might like to keep it very minimalistic and delicate. Consider the shape of your face and match which pair of earrings do the most to bring the best out of your look. Women with heart-shaped face mostly prefers drop earrings with geometric or taper patterns. If you’re one of them, then this Black & Blue Stones with Citrine and Black Zircons Earrings are must-have.

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Flaunt Your Ethnic Side With A Dash Of Style

It’s great to have a plethora of choices, but too much can turn your look into something dreadful. So compliment your look with something dainty yet classy jewelry pieces to make remarkable style statement. Pick your favorite Mandarin or Chinese collar kurti & pair this cute blue zircon gold polish earrings in flower design. It will not only make your look sophisticated but also super-stylish!

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These were some of our favorite fashion accessories that you can opt for styling your work outfits. Although it might seem shallow but wear what makes your feel the most intelligent and boost your confidence!

Beat The Monday Blues In Style!