Say good bye to the Bridezilla, as the new bridechilla is there!!!!
The New bride is the epitome of chill! A strong wind couldn’t ruffle.

Let’s paint a picture of the quintessential Indian bride – ‘a shy, coy woman hiding behind her veil adorned in a heavy red outfit. She stresses about her big day for months on end and sits pretty with a plastered smile on the big day’.

A lot of you young ladies might be screaming already – this is/was not me! Well, we couldn’t agree more. The shy bride was circa 1990 or perhaps even 2000. This is 2018 and we believe in having fun, in dancing and in clicking some fab pictures.

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All the “bridezillas” in the house, please make way for the uber cool “bridechillas”. As per a definition in the Collins Dictionary, “a bridechilla is the anti-bridezilla. A bride that is cool-laid back-who just wants to be happy and who doesn’t have any demands and high expectations.”

Bridezilla to Bridechilla| 6 Easy Steps

Here’s a perfect guide for all the “bridechillas” to uphold and maintain their chill for the world to see. Whether you want to adorn the traditional red lehenga or prefer to go the pastel route, wearing the right type of jewellery can instantly enhance your look.Even if you do not want to invest a lot on your jewellery, you can always opt for buying some pretty artificial jewellery online.Check out an amazing collection of artificial jewellery at Finura By Richa.

Type and Colour of Wedding Outfit – The thumb rule for selecting the perfect wedding jewellery is finalizing the outfit first, for each function. Go for jewellery pieces that complement the type and color of the outfits. For a bright red traditional outfit, you can opt for gold-hued jewellery; however, if you are wearing a pastel colored outfit, you can opt for pearls, kundans,and even bright coloured rubies and other such stones.

Always remember to keep the statement jewellery pieces for the main function, i.e., the wedding. For pre-wedding functions, you can either opt for a heavy neckpiece with understated earrings or vice versa. Do not forget to put on pretty floral Handcrafted jewelry for your mehendi and/or sangeet. In case you want to save some time in your search for the perfect floral jewellery, you can always explore the option of buying such artificial jewellery online.

The neckline of the Outfit –Pairing the right neckline with the right kind of jewellery can definitely enhance a bridal look.

Strapless / Sweetheart Neckline – If you are an unconventional bride preferring a strapless outfit or an outfit with a sweetheart neckline, a statement neckpiece or a bare neck with a statement pair of earrings is the way to go. In case of a heavy embroidered blouse, it is advisable to skip the neckpiece altogether.

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V-neck – A v-neck outfit is perfect for showing off your long neckpieces that complement your outfit perfectly. You can also decide to layer on a few neckpieces. However, if you have a heavily adorned blouse, give the long neckpieces a miss and opt for a dainty gold/silver chain with a pretty pendant matching the color of your outfit.

Round Neck – A round neck is the most versatile of all and gives you an opportunity to experiment with different types of jewellery. However, a broad neckpiece with stones complementing the outfit color sits best against your pretty round necked outfit.

Heirloom Pieces – The popular adage of “old is gold” always holds true, and a lot of brides are proving it true by opting to wear their family heirloom pieces. So, do not think twice before choosing to wear your mom’s gorgeous kundan neckpiece or your grandmom’s pretty polki headgear. You can also pair a statement heirloom neckpiece/earring with an elegant gown on your cocktail for a fusion look.

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Avoid too many colors –To avoid looking like an over decorated Christmas tree, this is one of the most important rules to follow. Stick to a color theme that complements your outfit.It is also not advisable to wear different metals together. If you want to layer on your jewellery, but do not want to go for too many authentic gold/diamond pieces, buying some affordable artificial jewellery online is the next best thing.

Focus on a Suitable Headgear – A headgear has the capability to instantly brighten up any bridal look. An elegant dainty tiara goes perfectly with a cocktail dress, and a maangtika can enhance any Indian bridal look instantly. While selecting a maangtika, make sure that the size of your forehead is taken into consideration. Bigger maangtikas sit better on brides with bigger foreheads and vice versa.

Make your Feet the Hero – All throughout our lives, our feet bears the brunt of all the trudging that we do. On your wedding day, give a chance to your feet to shine. Adorn them with some pretty toe rings and chunky anklets and click some fun “feet and shoe” kinda pictures. Accessories for the feet do not even cost a bomb. Once you start exploring, you will be surprised at the easy availability of artificial jewellery online.

Whether you believe in the saying of “less is more” or you want to sport some chunky jewellery on your wedding, remember that it is your big day and the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident. So go all out and have fun! With your jewellery on point, we are sure you can rock any bridal look.