I love jewellery – gold and diamonds. I’m a woman

– Monica Bellucci

Hello, yes! This famous quote by the ex-Bond lady and one of the finest actresses around resonates with almost every woman. Needless to say, the relationship between jewellery and women is one eternal love saga that has witnessed the tide of centuries. Women have always been besotted with their favorite jewellery pieces keeping them up close and personal.

Can you think of one celebratory occasion where women have not been excited to put on their favorite jewellery? The young, independent women of the 21st century are also confidently wearing their favorite jewellery pieces to the workplace. It is this confidence; grace and elegance that Finura by Richa wants to celebrate.

An online jewellery store, born out of Richa Maheshwari’s love for fashion jewellery, Finura has been creating waves in the fashion industry for the past five years. Passionate about Rajasthani culture and heritage, Finura was launched by Richa with an objective of combining contemporary styles with a touch of the much-cherished heritage.

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Gone are the days when people used to visit physical jewellery stores. With the modern Indian woman now jet-setting across locations and hustling between office and home, she seldom has the time or inclination to visit a jewellery store personally. Online shopping is the latest buzzword, and the jewellery industry is not to be left behind. Every One wants to buy artificial Jewellery Online to avoid the market hassles.

With the trendiest and most unique styles, Finura will make you wave goodbye to all your jewellery hassles. Presenting a sneak peek into the different product categories:

  1. Earrings – Finura has earrings targeting the ongoing festive season and also for everyday wear. These beautifully curated pieces will ensure a look of admiration from the people around you – be it at a wedding or at work. Made with different materials and stones such as black onyx, zircons, pearls etc., the earrings are well manufactured to ensure minimum wear and tear.

2. Necklaces – A statement necklace is often the centerpiece in a woman’s attire – it can actually make or break a look. With Finura’s amazing collection of necklaces, be rest assured of finding the perfect match to your attire – whether you are dressing up as a desi girl or flaunting your elegant western wear.

3. Rings – One cannot speak enough about a woman’s love for her rings. Be it a newly married woman showing off her engagement ring, or a working woman proudly flaunting her first diamond ring bought with her own salary, this love spans across ages and locations. Richa’s awesome jewellery store has the best collection of rings with the most unique and quirky designs.

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Apart from rings, Finura also boasts of an amazing collection of ring harnesses or double finger rings perfect for the festive season.

4. Anklets – Do you remember the dainty little payals or silver/gold anklets that used to adorn your feet when you were little? A love stemming from those precious childhood memories and backed by the latest fashion trends has led Richa to include a beautiful collection of anklets in her jewellery store. Gold cast and adorned with different stones, these dainty anklets are perfect for gifting as well as indulging in your love for pretty jewellery pieces.

4. Bracelets – An elegant bracelet can add the perfect touch of subtlety when you have adorned yourselves with otherwise heavy jewellery. It can also provide the much-needed pop in a monochrome work look. The quirky bracelet collection at Finura is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any look that you are sporting.

Apart from the regular bracelet collection, Finura also has an amazing collection of hand harnesses. Pair one of these beautiful hand harnesses with a pair of statement earrings and you are ready to rock any attire.

5. MaangTikas – This super pretty Indian headgear has the capability of taking your look from drab to fab. Any Indian bride is incomplete without a maangtika adorning her. Even if you are a bridesmaid, fulfilling the very important duties of a bride’s best friend and do not have a lot of time to get ready, clip on a maangtika, and your look is enhanced instantly. Richa’s jewellery store has kept all of these aspects in mind while designing the maangtika collection and you can find pieces that are heavy as well as subtle.

There you go! You now have access to the latest and trendiest jewellery pieces from the comforts of your home. Browse through the collection of best Online Jewellery Store and order your favorite pieces now!