Ways to Style Ethnic Jewellery with Western Wear

Traditional Indian jewellery is beautiful. It is elegant, shiny and are statement creators on their own. But a lot of questions are raised on their versatility. The fact that they can be worn with only Indian outfits, and not so much with your western wear. But now there are various ways to Style Ethnic Jewellery

Latest Traditional Indian Jewellery Designs Online

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact India is a diverse country! There are hordes of tourists visiting our country every year. Some go back with good experiences, some bad. But there is no denying the fact that every person who visits this country is mesmerized by its riot of colours. Each corner of

Top Jewellery Trends 2019, Most Popular Jewelry Trends 2019

We, women, love experimenting with fashion. The trends keep changing every year, new styles are introduced every now and then. No wonder, that our wardrobes run out of space so often. The summer of 2019 will be no different. We are expecting a lot of new, fresh styles to come onboard. Fashion labels are experimenting

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When we talk about the latest trendsetters in fashion, we cannot help but think about our favourite Bollywood stars. Our social media feeds are forever flooded with their pictures and videos, and we are always on the prowl looking for some Must Have Fashion Jewellery inspiration from them. Be it their real life or reel,

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Indian festivals are huge. There is just no second thought about it. And while we are talking about festivals, we cannot ignore the fact that Holi is just around the corner. We, Indians love Holi. The colours, the sweets, the laughter in everyone’s faces make it one of the most cherished Indian festivals. Here we

Style Guide for Spring Season 2019 | Best Spring Fashion Trends

As soon as spring rolls around, we are here to disclose some of the most game-changing Guide of Spring 2019 . A new season deserves a closet refresh—go into spring well-informed, Checkout out this Style Guide for Spring Season 2019. It is that time of the year when you absolutely have no idea what to expect. With winters bidding goodbye and

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Say good bye to the Bridezilla, as the new bridechilla is there!!!! The New bride is the epitome of chill! A strong wind couldn’t ruffle. Let’s paint a picture of the quintessential Indian bride – ‘a shy, coy woman hiding behind her veil adorned in a heavy red outfit. She stresses about her big day

What Are Statement Rings | How to Wear Statement Rings

Statement jewelry is bold and Unique in design. It helps the wearer to portray who they are. Statement rings have been named so for a reason – they create a strong expression with their boldness, stand out with their beauty and make all heads turn with an expression of envy. They have been around for