Even though the term ‘Monday blues’ has my favourite colour blue in it, it does not cheer me up in any way. Instead, it is probably the most dreadful, and grim reality of life. Remember the song ‘Khooni Monday’ from the movie Go Goa Gone? Those lyrics echoed our exact sentiments.

But why is it that the world at large hates Mondays with such a vengeance? If you are a part of the bandwagon as well, read on to discover a few tips and tricks to handle Mondays like a boss:

Indulge in your Favourites – This tip will not only help you face Mondays with a smile but ensure that you breeze through the entire week. Whether it’s your favourite red lipstick, the luxurious foot cream, your favourite piece of fashion jewellery or even your cherished Kindle, keeping your favourite things close to sight can really pep you up. A mid-week shopping spree for some of your favouritescan cheer you up no end – whether it is the option to buy artificial jewellery online or mall hopping with your work bestie.

Breakfast like a Queen – Doctors,and fitness experts are not joking when they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.It is the fuel required to pump you throughout the day. There are numerous benefits of having a healthy breakfast – it kickstarts your metabolism helping you burn calories throughout the day, gives you the requisite energy to power through the day, leads to better memory and concentration, lowers your stress levels, and so on. Pick up things that you like eating – it can be a bowl of cereals, a plateful of fruits, a sandwich, or even a paratha once in a while. You do not want to be starving and cranky on the first day of the week – good food and good mood are like best friends!

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  • Dance it Out – By this we mean that you gotta work that body. Now, hitting a gym everyday may not be your cup of tea. But there’s nothing stopping you from putting on your favourite music and grooving to it. Just wake up 15 minutes before your usual time and get moving. Scientifically, it has been found that working out releases endorphins, which are the ‘happy hormones’. They have been found to reduce the effects of stress and pain and enhance the feelings of happiness and pleasure – just what you need before entering the office on a Monday.

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Dress to Kill – We mean this quite literally! Slay people with your confidence, and quash all negativity with your radiance. Giving you the push in the required direction will be that killer outfit that you bought at your favourite store and that treasured piece of gold polished jewellery online.The best part is that you do not even have to put in a lot of effort and money for your clothes and fashion jewellery – the online world is a treasure trove. The trick is to combine a dollop of style with a bucketful of comfort and oodles of confidence.The popularity of artificial jewellery is increasing everyday due to its easy availability, variety,and versatility.

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  • Reconnect with Nature – Nature has the answer to all your problems. Surrounding yourselves with greenery is one of the most powerful weapons to drive off those Monday blues. Now, we understand that you cannot convert your office into a greenhouse, but you can definitely get a couple of indoor plants, place them around you and be surprised at the effect they have on your mood. Gifting yourselves some fresh flowers on your way to work may also do the trick.

Another pro tip is buying nature-inspired fashion jewellery to keep you forever connected.

The trick here is to keep yourselves inspired throughout the week. Read a book by your favourite author, catch up with your favourite people during the week, indulge in your hobbies and passions, and most importantly, be in a job that motivates and energizes you. It is no harm to take breaks to unwind and de-stress yourselves. At times, sleeping in on a weekend and ordering pizza is the perfect solution to face the coming week with a smile.