Enough has been said about how millennials are drastically different from their older counterparts.While many people may find millennials to be a little immature, they sure know how to lead their lives. Are you confused about who a millennial is and whether you fall into that particular bracket? Let us find out.

As per a definition in the Urban Dictionary, “Millennial is an identity given to a broadly and vaguely defined group of people. There are two wings of ‘millennial’ that are often at odds with each other: Generation Y (born between 1981-1991) and Generation Z (born between 1991-2001).” Thus, if you were born anytime between the years 1981 to 2001, you can be called a millennial.

How to Buy Jewellery for Millennial | Best Jewellery Buying Guide:-

Millennials believe in living at the present. They follow the motto of ‘live and let live’. They are coming up with newer sources of earning money – professions like social influencer, blogger, dance therapist, digital marketer, hacker (white hat, of course!) etc. were unheard of in the previous decades. Millennials have taken the world by storm. No wonder that they are often at loggerheads with the older generation.

And while the millennials are all about following their passion and going with the flow, there are quite a lot of things that are not paid enough attention to. This holds especially true for occasions when you are investing some amount of money. Buying jewellery for Millennial is one such thing. If you are just starting out in the world of fashion and jewellery, it can be inundating for you. However, to make matters easier, here is a step by step guide on how to invest in the best jewellery:

  • Type of Jewellery – In today’s day and age we have multiple options for every single thing. Jewellery is nowhere to be left behind. From genuine gold and silver jewellery, to pretty dupes of it, deciding about How to Buy Jewellery for Millennial sound like a tough task. While real jewellery is a sound investment idea, if you are just starting out on your journey, coughing out that much money may seem a little difficult.

Well, you should not worry as you can buy artificial jewellery to your rescue. If you do not have a lot of money, but still want to make a statement, you can invest in some beautiful pieces of artificial fashion jewellery. They are considerably more affordable than real jewellery, come in attractive designs and are easily available.

The best place to Buy Jewellery for Millennial is from the comforts of your home. No, we are not kidding. The online world is a treasure trove of beautiful jewellery pieces and can be your gold mine. Check out a beautiful collection of artificial and fashion jewellery for Millennial at Finura by Richa. The collection is quirky, fun and completely suited to the mood of a millennial.

  • Begin with the Basics–The world of jewellery is endless. Starting from maang tikkas to toe rings, the choices are in abundance. You can get rightfully confused if you are in your initial stages of exposure. The idea is to start off with the basics, is the key note for How to Buy Jewellery for Millennial and then expands as and when you gain some expertise and can make distinctive choices. It is important to focus on some basic, simple pieces:
    • Earrings – Before you buy anything else, get yourself a beautiful pair of stud earrings. They come in various designs, but a basic gold polished stud earring can take you places. In fact, a real gold/diamond stud earring is the one piece of jewellery that is worth investing your money on. There are tons of online as well offline options available for you to make the perfect choice to Buy Jewellery for Millennial.
    • Rings – Confidently carrying a ring on your finger speaks volumes about your overall confidence. There is absolutely no requirement for investing in a very expensive during the initial days. In our Buying Jewellery Guide we suggest you to take your pick amongst the many designs of silver polished as well as gold polished rings available in the market. Be it studded with a large stone, or a small yet stylish druzy, a ring always adds to your charisma. Check out: What Are Statement Rings.
    • Necklace–Do you still have the dainty gold chain that you were given as a child? If yes, then that will just work perfectly for you in the initial days. You can jazz it up by buying a few pendants, or by getting a few more such chains of different lengths to master the layered look. Do not invest in a lot of statement neckpieces just as yet. Build up your jewellery box slowly and gradually by mixing and matching with each outfit that you buy.
      You can check out some beautiful necklaces here.
    • Nose Pin – This is a slight twist the usual basic pieces of jewellery for Millennial. If you do not have your nose pierced, buy a couple of those nose clips, and it can change your look significantly. The nose clips are pretty inexpensive and come in a wide range of designs. Oxidized ones are the most popular. As a millennial, you might want to give this a shot while picking up your fashion jewellery for Millennial for the first time.
  • Less is more–This is an absolute truth and the most important mantra of Jewellery Buying Guide. While you are just beginning to experiment with your jewellery, it is important to not go overboard and stick to a few key pieces. Keep it subtle and be on your way to sway the day.

The key to having a beautiful as well as a useful jewellery box is to not invest in a lot of statement pieces at one go. Follow the mantra of mix and match. The idea is to experiment and build your jewellery box slowly and gradually with some Must Have Fashion Jewellery. It will take some time for you to discover your distinctive style, and once you have that vision, you can start matching your jewellery pieces to your wardrobe. Until then, happy experimenting!