Indian festivals are huge. There is just no second thought about it. And while we are talking about festivals, we cannot ignore the fact that Holi is just around the corner. We, Indians love Holi. The colours, the sweets, the laughter in everyone’s faces make it one of the most cherished Indian festivals. Here we are going to help you about How to celebrate your First Holi after Marriage.

Now, all of this may seem like fun.  However, if you are a newly married woman, celebrating your first Holi with your new family, we understand that life can be a wee bit stressful. While it is absolutely amazing to start a new life with your soulmate, keeping up with the post-wedding rituals can be a task at times. These Holi tips for new bride will surely help you to come out of this stress and enjoy the festival.

How to Celebrate your First Holi after Marriage
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Tips on How to Celebrate your First Holi after Marriage:-

You are the center of attention for many months to come. Your relatives shower you with all their love and cannot seem to adore you enough. And all of this just intensifies when there is a festival coming up. All eyes are literally glued to you during the festivities as how you celebrate your first holi after marriage. This may seem a little daunting. It is quite normal for a newlywed bride to get a bit overwhelmed.

Worry not, for we have a few simple tips for you to deal with all of this like a pro. Read on:

  • Start with the Basics – The real trick in dealing with any situation lies in figuring out the basics. This stands true for the Holi festivities too so we have included it in our tips on How to Celebrate your First Holi after Marriage. Figure out what you would be wearing. Remember that this festival spans across two days. For the first day, which is usually a Puja, pick an elegant Indian outfit. The second day would probably require you to wear white. Get an inexpensive white kurta from the local market which you can easily sacrifice post all the celebrations with colours.

Understand beforehand if there is any specific role that you are expected to take on. Speak with an elder of the family to avoid any kind of surprises.

  • Match it with your Jewellery – To add this point in out guide on
    How to Celebrate your First Holi after Marriage , is that it is not uncommon for newlywed Indian brides to flaunt all their jewellery at family gatherings. But Holi definitely calls for toning it down. You have to be careful regarding the kind of jewellery you wear during Holi.

A prudent choice would be to wear your real jewellery on the first day. Use artificial jewellery for the second day. Here the Holi tips for New Bride is to wear as little jewellery as possible. You do not want to run the risk of your precious jewellery getting spoilt.

How to Clean Artificial Jewellery After Holi Celebration

You may consider the following options:

  • NecklaceConsider keeping your neck bare. However, if it an absolute mandate, wear a thin oxidized necklace to match with your white kurta.
  • Ring– You can keep wearing your wedding band. They do not catch too much colour and can be cleaned easily. You can add a silver statement ring to add that zing to your Holi outfit.
  • Earrings– A pair of hanging oxidized earrings will look stunning with your white kurta. Ensure that the earring is not too heavy for ease of movement.
  • Bracelets– They work as an excellent alternative to your golden bangles. You can buy gold Polished bracelets online. They are amazingly attractive and easier on your pocket too.

Have a Clean-up Regime– This is one of the most important holi tips for new bride. It is a known fact that Holi colours can be harsh on our skin and hair. Ensure that you have oiled your hair well before the celebrations. You can use coconut or almond oil for best results.

Moisturize your face and body properly. Coconut or almond oil works well on your body too. This is How to Celebrate your First Holi after Marriage with proper skin care regime.

What is even more important is your post-Holi regime. Clean up the colours on your face and body gently to avoid any kind of irritation. Use a soft cloth for this. Do not rub your face with a harsh towel to get rid of any colour. In case of any colour not coming off immediately, give it a couple of days. Not using any harsh movements is the key.

Follow a diligent self-care regime the few days after Holi. Use face masks to help your skin relax. This is extremely important to get your skin back into its original form.

  • Go Green– Do not get carried away with the Holi celebrations. Try doing your bit for the environment and save as much water as you can. Play with dry and organic colours. Avoid getting drenched as the weather may not be merciful.

The key to having a memorable, stress-free Holi celebration is to just go with the flow. This is the entire zest for our today’s article on How to celebrate your First Holi after Marriage. Enjoy as you have always done, immerse yourself in the festivities and have tons of fun! Absorb all the love and attention coming your way and shine like never before!