“Your account has been credited with xxxxx as salary for the month of xxxxx.”

Isn’t this message the best feeling ever? I have asked this question to a lot of my acquaintances over time. Well, they said that there is a certain feeling which is even better. It made me really curious and I probed further for the things to do with your first Salary. I learnt that this special feeling can happen only once in a lifetime!

Yes, you guessed it right. It is the feeling when you get your first paycheque and you receive that message for the first time. I agree with this wholeheartedly. The first salary, whatever the amount may be, brings happiness like no other! It may involve a lot of happy tears and some excited jumping up and down.

Important Things To Do With Your First Salary, Best First Salary Tips

So, once you are done updating your social media status, it is time to think what to do with that money. There are a lot of dreams and things to do with your first Salary that you may have been weaving. Let us go through some ideas for first salary Tips on what to do with your first salary

1.Get that thing you have been wanting to since Forever :
It doesn’t even matter if it is childish or plain silly. If you have wanted something for a long, long time, this is the perfect opportunity to get it. This must be in the top priority of the things to do with your first Salary.  It may be a spa session, an expensive bottle of wine, a gym subscription, a new phone, literally anything on this earth. Do not hold yourself back. This is the time to splurge on yourself.

2. Travel:
If you are a travel freak and a lot of your college days were spent in wander lusting, you know what to do! Plan your holidays, pack your bags and head to the destination that you have always wanted to go. Take your partner or BFF along for some more fun. Or, if you are a solo travel kind of person, hit that hitchhiking trail on the mountains or plan that beach vacation soon. Trust us, it will be an unforgettable experience and most adventurous things to do with your first Salary. There is the excitement of financing the trip with your first salary and some mad fun.

3. Gifts for your Loved Ones:
No amount of money can ever replay what our parents have done for us. But a little gratitude goes a long way. Get your parents a gift that they will cherish forever. A watch is a great idea. You can even get a pair of watches customized for your parents.

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4. Start Investing in something that you have Always Wanted to Learn:
Have you always wanted to develop a certain skill or passion in your life? It may be learning the guitar, taking salsa classes, swimming and the likes. You might have not wanted to let your parents pay for these things. But now that you have your own money, there is nothing stopping you for achieving what you have always wanted. Go enrol yourself into one of these classes now! This is one of the Best First Salary Tips.

5. Save :
We know that this is your first pay cheque and you worked really hard for it. But remember, that a penny saved is a penny earned. The sooner you cultivate the habit of saving, the easier it would be for you to sail through all your expenses in the future. There is no harm in splurging your first salary, but do remember to take a teeny-tiny amount out and keep in aside which is Best First Salary Tips. A meagre 10% of your entire salary will also mean something. Just remember to put something into that stash every month.

Now that we have given you some wonderful ideas, go put that pay cheque to some good use. We know that you can’t wait to start rolling!