There is absolutely no doubt about the fact India is a diverse country! There are hordes of tourists visiting our country every year. Some go back with good experiences, some bad. But there is no denying the fact that every person who visits this country is mesmerized by its riot of colours.

Each corner of the country has something different to offer. Whether you talk of snowy white mountains, or lush green valleys, pristine beaches or an exotic range of flora and fauna, India has it all.

People fall in love with the colourful outfits, interesting handicrafts, and intricate jewellery. They go back with their hearts, and shopping bags full.

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Latest Indian Jewellery Designs, Traditional Indian Jewelry Online:-

Speaking of handicrafts and jewellery, it is fascinating to note that almost each state of India has its unique style of Latest Indian jewellery designs. The traditional artisans take extreme pride in their work. They handcraft the jewellery items with love, intricately detailing each line, each curve.

Machine-made jewellery may have made its way, but nothing can replace the love that is associated with these traditional designs. During important occasions, such as weddings, Indians opt for Latest Indian jewellery designs without any doubt in their minds.

When one talks about traditional Indian jewellery, various names such as Kundan, Meenakari, Polki, Jadau, etc. comes to mind. Each of these comes with its unique characteristics and designs. One thing, however, is common amongst all of them. The fact that they are extremely beautiful and elegant.

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The only downside here is that traditional Indian jewellery is expensive. Of course, with the amount of work involved in carving out each piece, the price tag exists for a reason. As most of the Latest Indian jewellery designs are handmade and crafted, the artisans literally give their blood and sweat. Due to the price tag, these traditional designs are mostly left for certain special occasions.

Also, the modern Indian woman is all about breaking barriers. Despite being deeply rooted in the Indian culture, she wants to go the contemporary route. This means that newer, more quirky jewellery items are making their way forward. Also, the price tag associated with traditional Indian designs makes it unaffordable for routine wear.

The young, forward-thinking brigade of jewellery designers in our country saw this as an opportunity. They took inspiration from the traditional designs and made some fun pieces. These are great for routine wear, and are the perfect counterparts to traditional Indian jewellery designs.

Contemporary Alternatives to Indian Jewellery Designs

Let us take a look at a few traditional Indian jewellery designs, and their contemporary counterparts:

  • Kundan Necklace – Kundan jewellery is gorgeous and a Kundan necklace simply looks out of this world. Kundan has been favoured by generations of women for their own weddings. It looks best when paired with traditional wear and can take the entire look up by a few notches.

Original Kundan jewellery, however, is expensive. It is heavy, and is difficult to carry around for routine occasions. There are tons of imitations available in the market. But these look cheap and worn-down. People can easily make out the difference between fake and genuine Kundan jewellery.

We are presenting a couple of gold-polished neckpieces that can be the perfect substitute for a Kundan necklace. These are not too heavy or studded with stones and can be easily worn with any Indian outfit.

Can you take a moment and admire this gorgeous beauty? Note the fine lines and the intricate detailing. The deep red and white stones are only adding to the allure.

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Another extremely attractive piece is this gold-polished brass metal necklace. With its minute detailing, it is the perfect accessory for your best friend’s wedding. You can also pair it with an evening gown to stand apart from the crowd.

  • Meenakari Earrings – Meenakari jewellery is known for its colourful designs and the amount of grace they add to an outfit.

Genuine Meenakari earrings is one of the best Indian Jewellery Designs, however, come with a hefty price tag and are usually preferred with Indian outfits.

What if we gave you a couple of alternatives, that are as pretty and colourful as Meenakari earrings and can be worn with a wide range of outfits? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Everything about this pair of earrings screams elegance from the word go! It is stunning, fiery and has the capacity to become a statement piece. You do not have to wear it only with your traditional outfits. You can pair this with flowy maxi dresses, evening gowns and any indo-western outfit.

To balance out the fiery red pair above, here is a peachy, calm pair of earrings. Its distinctive design lends it a uniqueness like no other.

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  • Polki Ring – Polki jewellery is made up of raw, uncut diamonds in its natural state. Polki rings have been a hot favourite with Indian brides since ages. It looks extremely elegant when paired with a traditional bridal lehenga.
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However, if you are looking for something a bit understated, we have the perfect alternatives for you.

This beauty of a ring can be the answer to instantly add some oomph into an outfit. If you have dressed up in a monochrome gown or a plain chiffon saree, wear this for an instant dose of glam.

Another alternative to a traditional polki ring can be this gold-polished ring with zircons. With its breezy pink stones as embellishments, it can be worn to neutralize a bright outfit.

  • Pearl Necklace – Are you bored of the traditional pearl necklaces with its one-coloured string of pearls? If your answer is yes, we have some beautiful alternatives for you.

This neckpiece can perfectly accentuate your neck against a deep-necked blouse. If you are a non-traditional bride looking for some quirky must have jewellery for your pre-wedding function, this choker is your answer as the Latest Indian jewellery designs.

Are you a quirky millennial always up for some boho vibe? Well, if you want to combine this boho vibe with a touch of elegance, this pearl necklace is tailor-made for you.

The key to combining the element of traditionalism with modernism lies in experimenting till you find your own, unique style. Hold onto that style with all your heart and flaunt in with the utmost pride.