A necklace is one of the most loved items in a woman’s closet. It completes an outfit; adds the final touches to it. A designer necklace lends a certain allure to your overall look that nothing else can accomplish.

It is the perfect accessory for a wedding, a casual day out or a stylish red-carpet event. With literally thousands of designs to choose from, it is understandable if a woman gets confused. The key lies in understanding what type of a Women’s necklace is great for a particular occasion and what type is a classic piece.

5 Most Popular Designs of Necklaces for Women:-

To make this difficult job easy for you, we have broken down the most popular designs of necklaces for women:

1. Beaded Necklaces:
Beaded jewellery has been around for centuries. They are a very crucial part of Indian mythology and culture. Starting from prayer beads to ornamental beads, this type of jewellery is firmly rooted in our traditions. A lot of Indian tribes wear beaded jewellery as a part of their culture.

Traditional Indian Jewellery Designs

Bead necklaces are colourful, vibrant and have the capacity to be a centrepiece in itself. They lend a certain boho element to an outfit. They are versatile, and can be easily paired with both Indian as well as western outfits.

Necklaces for Women

This blue bead necklace is directly inspired from our Indian mythology and culture. Just look at the stunning blue colour of the beads. Pair this with an ivory outfit. Trust us, you will have people staring at you the entire day. Get this stunning bead necklace for Girls here.

Women’s Necklaces

Presenting a twist to the traditional Indian bead necklace designs for Women; this Chinese bead necklace is the perfect accompaniment for an evening gown. Get this beautiful necklace here.

2. Pearl Necklace:
The pearl is supposedly the oldest gemstone in this world. It has been a symbolof sophistication since centuries.Right from Hollywood stars, to the British royalty, people have been flaunting pearl jewellery with élan.

Pearls were also synonymous with the famous fashion icon, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. She stated that “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”

A pearl necklace is one the classiest accessories that a woman can own. It is timeless and will never go out of fashion.

If you have been thinking all along that pearl necklaces are meant only for your mothers and grandmothers, it is time to think again.

If you are interested in some quirky pearl necklaces for women, please continue reading:

Necklaces for Women

It is officially time to take a break from the classic white pearl. Embrace pearl women’s necklaces in different hues. This pretty black pearl necklace in gold polish is the epitome of beauty. You can get this designer necklace here.

Women’s Necklaces

Make a statement in this multi-coloured pearl Necklaces for Women. It combines the elegance of white pearls, the mystery of black pearls and the soft warmth of grey pearls. Pair this with a silk saree to bring out the best in it. Get this beautiful necklace here.

3. Bib Necklace:
Do you have a faint recollection of the colourful bibs that you had as a child? The ones that your mother used to cover your clothes primarily while eating?

A bib necklace for Girls does pretty much the same thing. It covers you just like a bib does. It is chunky and can be worn as a replacement to your scarves or dupattas.

They look great with your kurtas. You can also wear them to work if you keep the rest of your outfit simple and monochrome.

Necklaces for Women

This unconventional bib necklace is your answer to those plain kurtas. Spice up your outfit by adding this chunky piece of jewellery. Get this pretty necklace here.

4. Chokers:
Chokers are usually around 14 to 16 inches long. They are worn close to the neck and go pretty much with almost any type of outfit.

Let us have a look at some offbeat choker necklaces for women:

Women’s Necklaces

You can never go wrong with this necklace. After all, it combines the elegance of pearls and the versatility of a choker. Wear it during the wedding season and get compliments galore. You can buy this beautiful Women’s necklace here.

Necklaces for Women

Do you want to take a break from the usual style of choker necklaces? This unique necklace will complement a monochrome saree perfectly. Get this beautiful necklace here.

5. Pendant Necklaces:
We have all seen pendant necklaces for women since childhood. It mostly consists of a plain gold or silver chain with a pendant hanging at the end. There are tons of pendant necklaces available in the market. However, if you are looking out for something unconventional, we have the perfect collection for you:

Women’s Necklaces

This striking necklace with the pretty pink raw gate stone pendant will make you stand out from the crowd. If you are ever in doubt, you can just pick this up without thinking twice. Get this necklace here.

Necklaces for Women

This is another very quirky necklace. The floral pendant and the green stone are the perfect representation of the ongoing spring season.Get this elegant necklace here.

Now that you know the most popular designs of necklaces for women, stock up on these and never run options again!