While browsing through Pinterest the other day,I came across this absolutely fabulous quote –“Relationship Status: Committed to inner peace, expansion, gratitude, and self-love.”Does it not sound like the ultimate state of zen that each of us wants to attain? For people who have read Psychology, this would probably equate to the state of self-actualisation in Maslow’s hierarchy. A state of absolute self-acceptance and self-fulfilment or Self Love, which seems almost impossible to attain in today’s world of material comforts and treasures.

However, if you manage to get to even 1% of a state of self-acceptance, you can rid ourselves of a lot of negativity and pain. If you can learn to love yourself and accept for who you  are, you can start looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses, become moretolerantin this increasingly intolerant world and have the capacity to take a lot of things in our stride. That 1% stands for the concept of self-love; it is the foundation of the most important relationship of our lives – the one with our own selves. The strength of all relationships is equivalent to the strength of this very foundation.  

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Check Out 3 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

It is no wonder that philosophers and spiritual gurus go ‘ga-ga’ over the concept of self-love. However, we are not about to get philosophical here and give you some vague and half-baked tips. Read on to discover three concrete Ways To Make Yourself Happy through which you can master the art of self-love:

  • Be Yourself– We cannot emphasize enough on the need to show your true self to the world. In the strive for perfection and achievement, and in the fear of being judged, we often tend to mask our own selves and portray a different version of ourselves to the world. This confuses the people around us, and they are unable to recognize our strengths and weaknesses. This leads to an absolute pandemonium, with people having different perceptions and false expectations of us. We can never be honest about our limitations if we do not portray our true self or do not Feel Good about Yourself. The secret to avoiding this chaos and living a productive, stress-free life – just be yourself!

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  • Look Good– This is one of the best Ways to Make Yourself Happy. Before you get all worked up, and start cursing the author about beauty not being skin deep, please take a deep breath and understand the true meaning of this phrase. What we mean is – be comfortable in your own skin, be effortless with the wardrobe choices that you have made and feel confident with the accessories that you are sporting. Never run after the latest trends in the fashion world or lust after the newest makeup on the block. Make choices that define you as a person, that make you look good to yourself. This is the best Ways to Feel Good About Yourself. Stop being bothered about what other people are saying about fashion and beauty, and create your own style. If you stay true to yourself, no one in this big, bad world can bog you down!

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  • Do Something you Love – This means taking some time out for yourself each day and indulging in something that you love. This is the most Important Way To Make Yourself Happy. Do you remember the last time you did something that truly makes you happy? We tend to get so busy with life, that we often dismiss simple joys to take care of work and business. If it’s dancing that sets your soul free, wake up 30 mins before your usual time, put on your favourite number at full volume at dance your heart away. If baking soothes your soul, bake a little something for your loved ones every two days. In case you are unable to do so, just watch a cookery show on TV or treat yourself to your favourite pastry that make you Feel Good about Yourself.
  • If you love dressing up and putting on makeup, take a meagre 2 hours of your time every week and start a YouTube channel. This can be one of the best Ways to Feel Good About Yourself. You can Also earn from your Channel. You can go places once you start following your passion. Check out the Style Guide for Spring 2019.
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Needless to say, once you start following the above tips, you are going to come out of your zone and start discovering more about yourself. Start expressing your thoughts and ideas at work, cut out all negative influences in your life and start celebrating your worth and what you stand for! It Make You Feel Good about Yourself!! Love yourself like you have loved no other!