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Shining at your workplace is all about getting that much-coveted promotion and receiving that huge bonus because of your persistence and success. Your skills, competence and hard work speak volumes about you. But we all know that there can be a few of those off-days, right? The days when you feel that nothing is going

Style Guide for Spring Season 2019 | Best Spring Fashion Trends

It is that time of the year when you absolutely have no idea what to expect. With winters bidding goodbye and the onset of spring, the weather pretty much plays trickswith you. Our skin starts behaving weird and our body no less. It starts sending strange signals to our brain, wherein we feel hot one

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I love jewellery – gold and diamonds. I’m a woman – Monica Bellucci Hell, yes! This famous quote by the ex-Bond lady and one of the finest actresses around resonates with almost every woman. Needless to say, the relationship between jewellery and women is one eternal love saga that has witnessed the tide of centuries.