Everyone has their own definition of fashion. Whether it’s about wearing a combination of elegance with comfort or making a statement through strong colours, wild pattern & exotic jewellery. Every look can be categorized into different fashion styles, which has evolved through innumerable trends, from decades.

Today we’re talking about one such Fashion Wear, which composes a happy balance between fun, comfort & style. Yeah, you’ve guessed it right, we’re talking about that casual elegance that comes out mainly on vacations – Resort Wear!

It’s typically a style that exudes a fun & relaxed vibe. And, since its “that time of the year” when you must already be planning for a quick getaway to a lush paradise. We thought it’d be a good idea to share the right-kind of accessories & beach jewellery to go with your colourful dresses, high-waist shorts, denim wear & tank tops.

So, let’s embark on a journey of discovering luxury resort wear jewellery to complete your Vacation Look!

Feel Confident Enough To Pull Designer Bracelets

Finding a perfect fit for your wrist is a major key element for choosing an ideal bracelet. A tight bracelet won’t be able to get the flow that it needs & will probably make your wrist look too large. But, at Finura, you can find an ideal fit in each design crafted with utmost style. So, if you’re ready to pose with those big hats, fashionable sunglasses & bright golden jewellery. Try this cute handcrafted jhaali cut design bracelet!

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Shine & Sparkle In The Sun Drenched Resort

Shine & Sparkle In The Sun Drenched Resort

Cocktail rings have been one of the hottest trends for a very long time. They are generally much larger than usual statement rings & are designed with eye-catching coloured gemstones.  And the best part, they’re quite affordable too! You can check out our fine range of cocktail rings right here.For your flowing, colourful yet elegant resort wear attire, you can try teaming up this Drusy Cavity Coated Stone With Pearls ring. It’s quite classy and can stand the water and dust.

Bold rings draw attention to your hands consequently, especially your nails, so make sure they are perfectly groomed! 

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Must-Wear Vibrant Colour To Lift Your Spirits

Must-Wear Vibrant Colour To Lift Your Spirits

There’s no better way to bring life to your vacation attire than by pairing a blue lapis stone necklace piece. It gets saturated with almost every colour & looks fabulous against basic whites & blacks. You can team it up with a flowy blouse & denim shorts for a plain & classy look. And, on top of everything, Blue has always been associated with colour of water, so what could be a better jewellery for a relaxing day near pool.

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Spread Everyday Glamor With A Pair Of Chic Earrings

Spread Everyday Glamor With A Pair Of Chic Earrings

Let your jewellery do the talking. Wear these boho-chic earrings to make turn heads. It’s worth remembering, when wearing crisp statement earrings, it is better to keep your hair tied or in twisted bun. Wear a beautiful long wrap dress, a straw hat and team it up with this classy leaf earrings, it will definitely get you the attention you deserve.  

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Flaunt Your Boho Style With Long Neckpieces

Long accessories are best worn with simple attire. A cute little black dress would be perfect to match this attention-grabbing long necklace piece. Always remember, statement jewellery pieces are meant to stand out, so match them accordingly. Jewellery pieces like these can instantly add personality to any outfit – casual, formal or in between. As far as the resort jewellery trends are considered, tassel designs are taking place of chunky statement necklace.

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Trends That Never Goes Out Of Style

Trends That Never Goes Out Of Style

Anklets or Ankle bracelets are just another trendy jewellery worn as accent pieces to enhance legs & outfit. They come in various sizes and styles which highlights both femininity and personality. And, there’s no denying in the prettiness of dainty anklets that offers striking impact which are especially worn on bare ankle. Add a flair to your cool outfit with this dressy anklet piece crafted with words written in Urdu that mean Love.

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So, while you’re packing your large beach hat, flowing cotton dresses, oversized sunglasses, sunscreen, and flat sandals with pom poms. Don’t forget to pack your Resort Wear Jewellery for a complete fashionable and sun-worthy look!