We, women, love experimenting with fashion. The trends keep changing every year, new styles are introduced every now and then. No wonder, that our wardrobes run out of space so often.

The summer of 2019 will be no different. We are expecting a lot of new, fresh styles to come onboard. Fashion labels are experimenting with bright colours, flowy silhouettes and floral prints. After all, our outfits have to reflect the season, no?

Top Jewellery Trends 2019

Photo by Alaa Alatrash

When you talk about fashion, apart from outfits, the other element that screams for attention is jewellery. Trending Jewelry has a big role to play in dressing up the women of today.

The top jewellery trends 2019 are all about combining minimalism with maximalism, subtlety with brazenness. It is about going all out; showing your personal preferences to the world. Not trying to fit into any particular mould is the mantra.

Top Jewellery Trends 2019, Most Popular Jewelry Trends 2019

Almost all runway shows focusing on Jewelry Trends 2019 reflected that factor. It was all about colours, some madness, a few ruffled feathers and combining heritage with modernity. If you are confused about what jewellery to pick for the Spring trends 2019, read on for a comprehensive idea:

  • Mismatched Earrings – Nothing can take away the love that a woman has for her earrings. Since ages, we have been wearing earrings where the pair are mirror images of each other.

But now, believe it or not, mismatched earrings are a thing. They are one of the top jewellery trends 2019.

Our mothers and grandmothers might scream in horror.Calm them down by embracing this Popular Jewelry trends with open arms and showing off how cool it actually looks.

Mismatched earrings look great with western wear. Specifically, you can kill them with long, flared pants and gowns. However, if you do decide to wear them with Indian wear, there will be a certain edge to your attire.You will not be able to stop anyone from giving you a second glance at your Handmade Jewellery Trends.

Top Jewellery Trends 2019

Get this pair of irregular gold polished earrings from Finura by Richa here. Now go slay people with aplomb with this Jewelry Trends 2019.

  • Shells and Beads – Talk about shells and beads and I am immediately taken back to my last beach vacation. Well, it seems that 2019 is the year of infinite beachy vibes.

Boho-chic jewellery made out of shells and beads are ruling majorly this year. No wonder that it falls on our list of top jewellery trends 2019. Focus on bright elements, look out for coloured beads and shells.

Wear shell jewellery to give off a major relaxed vibe.They are the perfect accompaniment fora brunch date with your girlfriends. You can evenpair some with your work wear.

Top Jewellery Trends 2019

Just have a look at this ethereal pair of white shell-shaped earrings.Think of the multiple ways in which you can style it with Jewelry Trends 2019. I can see it going perfectly well with flowy gowns, maxi dresses and a beautiful, bright saree. Get this beautiful pair of gold polished earrings here.

Top Jewellery Trends 2019

This is another stunning bead necklace which can perfectly take you from a daytime to a night-time look. Wear this with a white outfit – it can literally be anything. Keep the other accessories to a minimum and spread radiance wherever you go with Handmade Jewellery Trends. Get this stunning necklace here.

  • Chunky Rings–Statement rings have managed to capture the fancy of women all over the world. Despite being around since ages, they are in no mood to slip away from people’s minds and hearts.

From the colourful cocktail rings, however, the focus has slightly shifted to all-metal rings as one of the top jewellery trends 2019. These metal rings are chunky, heavy and has statement written all over them.

Statement rings have the capacity to instantly amp up any outfit. The only rule is to keep all other Trending Jewelry pieces to a minimum.If you want to know more about the trend of statement rings, you can read it here.

Popular Jewellery Trends 2019

This sharp, chunky ring is the perfect way to create a statement without saying a word. Because of its gold polish, it will perfectly complement any outfit.Get this edgy gold polished ring here.

  • Bold Chains – It is now time for the simple, elegant chains to take a backseat. Gold is back in a bold avatar and thicker gold chains are flying off the shelves in no time at all. Get introduced to another of the top jewellery trends 2019.

You can style them with pantsuits, ethnic Indian outfits and hippie dresses with élan. Bold chains are making a comeback in bracelets too.

Popular Jewellery Trends 2019

This neckpiece is the perfect example of the ‘bold-gold’ concept. Play with the stunning blue drusy stones and style it accordingly. Get this beautiful gold polished neckpiece here.

Popular Jewellery Trends 2019

Does this cute charm bracelet immediately take you back to your childhood? This is the perfect accessory for an evening out. Let this ‘bold-gold’ spread its charm while you indulge in a session of gossip with your besties. Get this beautiful bracelet here.

  • Layering – Layering of jewellery is the perfect example of combining minimalism with maximalism. It is about taking a few minimal pieces, such as thin gold chains or bracelets, and wearing them together. Stackable rings are also one of the top jewellery trends 2019.

This trend was brought forward by the evergreen fashionista Coco Chanel. No wonder that women all over the world are in love with it and it is one of the top jewellery trends 2019.

Layering is a great way to create some fun, flirty looks. You can mix and match with all your heart and create different looks every time.The concept of balance is important to nail this look. Fashion experts have said that the ideal number of layers should not go above five. You have to ensure that each of the pieces are standing out.

Jewelry Trends 2019

This single layered gold polished necklace is literally a godsend for us. It showcases the concept of layering, but without the trouble of combing multiple pieces. Get this quirky necklace for Girls Now.

Best Jewellery Trends 2019

This pair of stackable rings by Finura by Richa, which is one of the top jewellery trends 2019 is another example of elegance personified. This should be your go-to jewellery whenever you are in the mood for some basic, yet stylish Trending jewellery. Get this set of gold polished rings here.

Let 2019 be a year of following your passion. Go all out and accept the mismatches in this world like Irregular Trending Jewellery or Handmade Jewellery Trends. Break barriers and stand out with your edginess. Be bold, embrace your favourite Trending Jewelry and get ready to slay with your confidence!