Traditional Indian jewellery is beautiful. It is elegant, shiny and are statement creators on their own. But a lot of questions are raised on their versatility. The fact that they can be worn with only Indian outfits, and not so much with your western wear. But now there are various ways to Style Ethnic Jewellery with Western Wear.

Ethnic Jewellery with Western Wear

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And, let’s face the fact! The women of the 21st century mostly prefer western outfits for day to day purpose. They are comfortable and practical. Nothing can beat the comfort of a jeans and t-shirt, right? Our Indian wear comes in handy in case of special occasions or festivals. We wear them in their full glory, paired with all our ethnic bling and then keep them back once everything is over. We take our traditional jewellery out once in a while, maybe clean them up and pack them in our vanities again.

Ways to Style Ethnic Jewellery with Western Wear:

It is no wonder that women do not want to invest a lot in buying heavy traditional jewellery pieces. After all, what is the use if we only take them out once in maybe 3-4 months?

Well, we are here to bust some serious jewellery myths. We will show you How to wear Traditional Jewellery with Western Outfit more often and different ways to style Ethnic Jewellery with western wear. Yes, you heard us right. If styled correctly, Indian jewellery looks absolutely mesmerizing with western outfits.

Traditional  Jewellery with Western Wear

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Few tips on how to style ethnic jewellery with western wear:-

Statement Necklace with a White Shirt:
Take some inspiration from our favourite Bollywood belle, the beautiful Anushka Sharma here.

Indian Jewellery with Western Outfit

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How perfectly does she carry off that statement necklace with a plain white shirt? No wonder that she is one of the style icons in our country. You can also leave a couple of buttons of your white shirt open and place the necklace on your neck.
Take a cue from the beautiful Kiara Advani:

Ethnic Jewellery with Western Wear

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Let us look at a few statement necklaces perfect for nailing this white shirt look:

Traditional Jewellery with Western Wear

Explore a stunning collection of necklaces at Finura by Richa here.

Make a Statement with the Headgear:
You do not need to wait for a wedding to wear all your favourite mathapattis and maangtikkas. You can flaunt it during your college fest or the next time you go pub hopping. Pair it with a one-piece dress, or a nice top! Remember to keep the outfit a little simple.

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Take a cue from the ever-gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandes here:

Indian Jewellery with Western Wear

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We love her style, so effortless, yet so chic!

You can pick-up the following headgears from Finura by Richa and style Ethnic Jewellery with western wear. Also make a statement the next time you are out partying:

Ethnic Jewellery with Western Wear

Go through a beautiful collection of maang tikkas here.

Golden Jhumkas with a Black One-piece Dress:
You should always have that one black dress in your wardrobe where you can turn to in case of an emergency. Black dresses can be dressed up or dressed down. They are so versatile.
What better way to dress up your black dress than with your favourite pair of jhumkas? Do you think it will look tacky? Well, you have to see it to believe it.

Western Dress with Indian Jewellery

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The chirpy Shraddha Kapoor aces this trend like no other. She has given her girl next door image a miss and looks all hot and smouldering.
These beautiful earrings from Finura by Richa will add just the right amount of glam to your timeless black dress:

Style Ethnic Jewellery with Western Wear

For more such stunning pieces, do browse through the entire earring collection by Finura by Richa.

Anklets with Shorts or a Pair of Cropped Jeans:
When we were little, our mothers handed us those tiny little payals, and we would scream with glee at their tinkling sound. When we grew older, however, our payals or anklets were locked up only to be taken out once in a blue moon. 
In the older generations, anklets were an extremely popular piece of Indian jewellery. They were synonymous with married women. It is time we take a leaf out of our mother’s books and flaunt the anklet with equal grace.

Western Wear Jewellery

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Look who has been spotted flaunting this trend with élan? It is none other than the ultimate style siren, our favourite Rihanna. She is totally rocking that denim dress, a pair of high heels and minimal jewellery.
We have hand-picked some beautiful anklets from Finura by Richa to help you go the Rihanna way:

How to Style Indian Jewellery with Western Wear

For more such inspiration, please browse through our beautiful anklet collection.

Now that we have given you some solid style inspiration, do not hesitate in flaunting your beautiful Indian jewellery with western outfits. The only thing required here is confidence, and you can easily carry off any look that you desire.