Statement jewelry is bold and Unique in design. It helps the wearer to portray who they are. Statement rings have been named so for a reason – they create a strong expression with their boldness, stand out with their beauty and make all heads turn with an expression of envy. They have been around for decades and have been living up to their name quite well.

What are Statement Rings?

A classic statement, or a cocktail ring as they are popularly known, has an oversized stone in the center. At times, it may be surrounded by other stones or motifs.

The trend of a statement rings is believed to have started in America in the 1920s. Women were rebelling against the Prohibition that had swept the entire country. They had gradually gained the right to vote, to work outside their homes.They were unstoppable in their quest to freedom. They attended parties in their glamorous avatars, drank alcohol even though it was banned and a bold statement ring was a way for women to express their independence. In the follow-up years, this statement ring became a standard fashion accessory to be flaunted by women in all its glory and the Best Jewellery to wear at Work.

How to Wear Statement Rings?

Traditionally, a statement ring is meant to be worn on the right hand, either on the ring or middle finger. It was not supposed to take the focus away from a wedding ring. But women were not in the mood to be bound by any restrictions. They started wearing statement rings in both their hands, sometimes in multiple fingers. This trend was further promoted by many celebrities and models.

There is no standard rule to wear Statement Rings. Keep the outfit and the occasion in mind while wearing your statement ring and flaunt it as and how you desire.

Bold and Beautiful | The Art of Statement Rings

Check out some Designs and also the tips about How to Wear Statement Rings:-

Minimalistic Statement Ring Designs:

Minimalistic statement rings can be worn on a regular basis, without the need to wait for a special occasion. They are the best accessory for a date night, or an evening out with your girlfriends. Here are a few stunning designs of minimalistic statement rings:

  1. Gold Polished Jhaali Ring – This beautifully handcrafted ring can amp up any Indian wear. It will look stunning when worn with a pristine white or cream coloured outfit. Just wear a pair of gold polished jhumkas and forget about any other jewellery.

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  • Blister Pearl Ring – A blister pearl is a raw and rustic variant of the traditional pearl. This unique gold polished ring is the perfect accessory to flaunt at a work event or a wedding. Wear a vibrant outfit to bring out the sheer subtlety and beauty of this ring.

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  • Chinese Blue Stone Ring – The beauty of this ring lies in the mystery that the blue stone holds. It speaks about a raging storm that is somewhat calmed by the presence of the subtle peach colour in the center. It will stand out when worn with a black or white outfit.

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  • Agate with Pearls – If you are feeling particularly feminine one day, what can be better than a pink stone ring surrounded by pearls? This extraordinary ring is perfect for all the ‘desi girls’ out there.

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  • Black Wired Glass Stone Ring – This gold polished ring is the perfect example of elegance and style personified. It is great for daytime functions when you are feeling dressy, but do not want to go overboard.

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Elaborate Statement Ring Designs:

From minimalistic rings, we move on to elaborate statement rings. These are meant for special occasions when you want to go all out. They are meant for women who do not shy away from being bold and beautiful. Let us look at a few such designs:

  • Raw Drusy Ring in Gold Polish – Do you have an innate love for nature with an even stronger love of all things rustic and raw? If so, this drusy stone ring with a golden wired butterfly is a great piece for you to make a statement.

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  • Gold Polished Brass Ring with Pink Stone – You can make a statement with this ring on any of your pre-wedding functions. Whether you want to wear it to a cocktail evening or on your sangeet, be ready to be showered with compliments.

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  • Gold Polished Leaves with Red Stone – Are you a bride-to-be and want to be different from the rest? If yes, then this beautiful ring with wired leaves and a stunning red stone in the center is the perfect accessory for your wedding day. It will amp up the look of your bridal red lehenga.

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  • Drusy Cavity Coated Stone with Zircons – Drusy, with its dreamy, marble-like features is such a pretty gemstone.Its beauty is enhanced even further when it is adorned in a gold polished ring surrounded by some pretty zircons. This ring embodies the spirit of a cocktail ring in the truest sense of the term.It is the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail gown as well as a saree.

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Wearing a statement ring is an instant way to increase the glamour quotient and stand out from the crowd. Statement Rings are the best Jewellery to invest In as these rings will never go out of style. Also it is said that the bigger they are, the better. The only thing to ensure before wearing a statement ring is to have beautiful, well-manicured hands. Statement rings will draw attention to your hands and you do not want people to be staring at unkempt hands and nails.