Sometimes you block your own blessings by telling everyone your business


The above statement might be brushed off as rubbish by a lot of people. It would just not make any sense to them.

However, there is a certain section of people, and a very wide section at that, who believes in this statement to the hilt. They believe in keeping their future plans, any upcoming achievements close to their heart. They like to make noise when the actual event happens, not anytime before that.

Evil Eye Jewellery

The basic premise of this belief is that people who have achieved a great deal of success and recognition in life attracts the envy of people around them. This envy can exhibit its symptoms as a curse. This curse, in turn, has the capability of undoing any good fortune. But Some small peice of Hamsa hand or evil Eye Jewelry is one of the Ways To Make Yourself Happy.

What is Evil Eye Jewellery, Hamsa Hand Jewelry Significance:-

When it comes to defeating the mystic, evil forces of the world, there is no symbol more recognized than the ‘evil eye’. This ‘evil eye’ is omnipresent, beginning from the local bazaars of Istanbul to jewellery stores in India and even runway shows in France.

The History and Significance of Evil Eye Jewellery:-

What was initially a charm to fight back evil forces has now become a fashion symbol. A lot of our favourite celebrities – Gigi Hadid, Britney Spears, Madonna, Salma Hayek,and Paris Hilton have been spotted flaunting this symbol with pride.

History of the Evil Eye:

The history of the ‘evil eye’ dates back to centuries. The first account of the ‘evil eye’ was found in the ancient Mesopotamian civilization.

Evil Eye Jewellery

Stories of the evil eye are found in Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu as well as Buddhist cultures. These stories may differ. But the basic premise of the evil eye remains the same.

There is an interesting anecdote about the Turkish people. They believe that there are primarily three types of evil eyes:

  • First, is an unconscious evil eye. This causes unintentional harm.

  • Second, is the conscious evil eye. This causes harm with deliberation and intent.

  • Third, is an invisible eye, which is considered to be the most potent, most powerful.

It was originally believed that anyone with coloured eyes, more specifically blue, were wicked and had malicious intentions. Thus, the evil eye amulet was designed, with blue as the primary colour, to fight back any evil.

There have been different variations of the evil eye. But the blue-eyed amulet has remained the most popular amongst all.

Evil Eye Jewellery:

The origins of the evil eye may be ancient. But any ancient symbol as powerful as the evil eye had to have its manifestation in the modern world too.

It has become a global symbol. We get to see the evil eye in jewellery, home décor, outfits, paintings, and the likes.

The evil eye has its manifestation in literally every corner of the world. Almost every runway show has to have at least a couple of pieces dedicated to the evil eye. Celebrities across the world are flaunting their evil eye jewellery with élan.

Evil eye jewellery has received tremendous response across the world. They are literally flying off the shelves at supersonic speed.

History of Hamsa Hand:

The Hamsa Hand is a protective Sign symbolizing the Hand of God. It is known by different names like hamesh, Chamsa, Khamsanad Hand of Famtima. It brings happiness, health, luck, and good fortune to its owner.

In the path of history, it is also identified as the Hand of Miriam, Aron and Moses’s sister, and the Hand of Fatima. Miriam was highly respected as it was due to Miriam’s virtue that the people of Israel always found water when they wondered through the desert on the way to Promised Land. (Source)

Hamsa Hand Jewelry

The wearer of the Hamsa Hand Jewelry can wear it facing up or down. It is believed to protect them from evil eye and give success, harmony to the wearer.

Hamsa Hand Jewelry:-

The Hamsa hand is popularly worn on pendants and necklaces but now many other Hamsa hand Jewelry like Anklets and Bracelets are also available in market. You can find the hand of Fatima Necklace and other piece of Jewellery in various metals and color. Hamsa Hand Jewellery is one of the Popular Jewelry Trends 2019.

Let us have a look at some beautiful pieces of Hamsa Hand and evil eye jewellery:

Gold Polished Evil Eye Anklet with Zircons

This stunning gold polished anklet is a very subtle way of drawing attention to your well-manicured feet. Wear this anklet with your patiala suit and a pair of juttis. It is the perfect attire for a sangeet function. Top it up with some jhumkas and people would not be able to take their eyes off you.

If you are in the mood to combine some ethnic jewellery with western fashion, this is again an ideal piece. Wear this with a pair of shorts or culottes, tie up a t-shirt exposing your navel, and you have the ideal outfit for a weekend getaway.

Evil Eye Jewellery

Gold Polished Hamsa Hand Bracelet

We have got a beautiful accessory to match your evil eye anklet above. Hamsa hand jewelry is a variant of evil eye and is said to protect against evil forces of the world. This bracelet has the perfect bluish-green stone to emphasize the gold polished anklet above.

It will look the best with an Indian outfit. Wear Hamsa Hand Jewelry with an ivory coloured lehenga or saree to bring out the best in it. You can wear a heavy Hamsa Hand necklace with a similar coloured stone and a bindi to complete the look.

Hand Of Fatima Jewellery

Gold Polished Evil Eye Anklet with Black Zircons

If you are a newlywed woman and want to create a statement, this anklet is the perfect accessory for you. Match your anklet with your mangalsutra for an extremely quirky look. All those occasions where the mangalsutra is a mandate for you will never be the same again.

The black zircons of this anklet will match perfectly with the beads of your mangalsutra. Wear Evil Eye Jewellery with a light coloured outfit to flash it all the more.

Evil Eye Jewelry

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Other accessories with the depiction of the evil eye, such as bags, keychains, home décor etc. are also extremely popular. Take your pick from amongst the wide collection of Evil Eye jewellery available and join the bandwagon for this very popular trend.