We are well into the first month of the new year and it is time to start thinking about refreshing our wardrobes. Dressing up as per one’s zodiac sign has been doing the rounds for quite some time, and, as per the latest piece of advice by the fashion gurus, it is now time to match your Fashion jewellery to your zodiac as well.It is not so much about following fashion trends, but about matching your wardrobe with your personality.

This can be a little harrowing for some people, as they are not aware of the kind of style that will complement them. Worry not, we are here to break it down for you. Let us delve into the unique traits of each zodiac and decode the Zodiac Sign Jewellery pieces perfect for them:

Jewellery Game on Track | Match it with your Zodiac

Aries – Aries is considered to be the ‘head’ of the zodiac family and Arians are bold and ambitious, facing challenges with determination writ large on their faces. They are born leaders and are the epitome of passion and motivation.

Arians mostly prefer power dressing and love statement pieces that stand out.

These statement earrings scream out the favorite message of all Arians – Be You! Wear it to any occasion and you are sure to make all heads turn in your direction.

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Taurus–Taureans enjoy their life to the fullest; they love comfort, luxury and feel the happiest when they are pampered. Slow and steady is their mantra. However, they have an energy conservation system that assesses if anything needs their full energy. Once they find that one thing, they charge with all guns blazing.

Taureans love fashion; quality over quantity is their mantra. They love expensive fabrics and timeless pieces of Fashion jewellery. This Is the best way to Keep Monday Blues At Bay.

This timeless pair of drop earrings is perfect to add to a Taurean’s wardrobe for a forever kind of feeling.

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Gemini – Geminis are energetic, witty, curious andadventurous; they are the social butterflies of any group. They cannot sit idle even for a minute and are continuously juggling hobbies and passions. They are pioneers in their respective fields and can use their energy to lead creative projects.

Their fashion sense has a fun, playful, flirty vibe and they are seldom seen repeating outfits.

This flirty layered necklace is perfect fashion Jewellery for a true-blue Gemini to display her fun, playful side.

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Cancer–Cancerians are one of the most sensitive signs around and are quite intuitive and nurturing. They are deep caregivers and they put a great deal of effortinto creating cozy safe spaces where they love spending time.

Cancerians always stay in touch to their sensitive side and prefer feminine, flowy fabrics and dresses. They love the sophistication and prefer styles with a timeless, classic appeal.

This classic pearl ring is the perfect accessory for a Cancerian catering to their feminine and sensitive side.

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Leo – Leos love being at the spotlight and are vivacious, passionate and carefree. They have a huge heart and are generous beyond measure. They love taking control, are creative and are natural born leaders.

Leos love bright and fiery colors. They are extremely fashion conscious, and their wardrobe is filled with bold outfits and accessories.

This bright blue stone statement neckpiece is the perfect accessory for a Leo. It has a boho vibe to it and wonderfully exhibits the carefree nature of a Leo.

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Virgo – Virgos are extremely detail oriented and are constantly on the endeavour to improve their skills. Perfectionist is the word which defines them perfectly. They are very outdoorsy and love travelling.

Always very practical and systematic, they are very polished but never overdone. They love multipurpose items that can be worn on different occasions.

This beautiful pair of gold polished studs is the perfect addition to a Virgo’s wardrobe. The half flower design signifies their love for the outdoors and nature. It is a versatile piece and can be worn with almost every outfit.

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Libra–Librans loved symmetry and strive for equilibrium in all aspects of life. Their love for arts and intellectualism is unmatched. They have an elevated sense of fairness and will stand up for whatever is right.

Librasare the pioneers of high-end fashion and have a very particular and polished sense of style.

This elegant pair of gold polished earrings is the perfect symbol of high-end fashion and is a classic addition to a Libran’s wardrobe.

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Scorpio – Scorpions are extremely brave and resourceful, and will go all out to achieve their aspirations. They exemplify the qualities of passion and loyalty, but at the same time, they are quite mysterious and it is not an easy task to get to know them.

Scorpions love to express power through their fashion, but, at the same time, they prefer to keep it feminine, low maintenance and simple.

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Blue symbolizes loyalty, and this elegant blue stone ringis the perfect addition to a Scorpion’s collection. The wave-like pattern on the stone represents the mystery that exists beyond the usual.

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Sagittarius – Sagittarians are the most outdoorsy amongst all the zodiacs. They are forever on the quest for travel and love the thrill and adventure that come along with it. They are free spirited, open minded and ambitious. Their sense of humor is to die for.

Because of the fact that they are constantly on the move, Sagittarians have a very unfussy sense of style. Comfort is the main key for them.

This dainty neckpiece is perfect for the fuss-free Sagittarian. It can quickly take them from a daytime event to an evening party.

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Capricorn–Capricorns are extremely ambitious and will not let anyone come between them and their goals. Because of this sense of ambition, they exemplify the qualities of responsibility and discipline.

The style quotient of Capricorns is all about coziness and comfort. Simple, yet sophisticated pieces are their first love.

This neckpiece with an emerald green pendant is the perfect example of simplicity with sophistication and would sit very pretty on a Capricorn woman.

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Aquarius – Aquarians are immensely progressive, and are rebels at heart – they despise any kind of authority and conventionality. Their intellectual, as well as the humanitarian quotient, is quite highand they will be frequently found helping others.

Being the rebels that they are, they do not believe in following fashion trends and have an offbeat sense of style.

This beautiful yet unconventional blue drusy stone ring is perfect for a true blue Aquarian.

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Pisces – Pisceans are extraordinarily creative and free-spirited. They are compassionate and make for great friends.

Their style is eye-catching, but never over the top. They love flowy outfits and soft and sensual jewellery pieces.

This ring with an emerald green stone complements the personality of a Piscean perfectly. Theleaves on either side represent the elements of freedom and creativity.

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Style is not about following the latest fashion trends, but it is about embracing what is unique to oneself andwearing it with pride. Nothing looks better than a confident woman ready to take on the world. Be that woman, and flaunt your spirit and fearlessness with pride